Checked Out:

It is in reckless forgetting that we present to you this collection of loss.
Offering various attempts to break your sensory deprivation and cool you down with slip away thoughts, Amanda McInerney and Bug Davidson present Checked Out: a two person show with special guest performances at ICOSA gallery. These artists engage sorrow from various points of view vis a vis the personal and familial specter of death, to the global environmental and species loss as the temperature of the planet rises. The work offers slight reminders but mostly respite, a place to dip into the cooling purgatory of releasing demanding ideas to float by on a hot summer night. Stay as long as you like.

Checked Out, a multidisciplinary show opens August 18th at 8pm and is on view through September 16th as video, sculpture, photography, performance and installation.
Bug Davidson, 2017

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